Imagens que marcaram o mundo (5)

Tomás Munita, Chile, The Associated Press.

On October 8 an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck in the Kashmir region of South Asia near the India-Pakistan border. Over 73,000 people in Pakistan were killed and around three million made homeless, with another 1,400 deaths in Indian-administered Kashmir. Many roads were so damaged by the quake that they were impassable for months.
Accusations were leveled at both the Pakistani and the Indian governments for a disorganized early response to the disaster, and at Western nations for slowness in coming forward with financial aid. Eventually relief efforts did become more coordinated. International donors pledged some US$ 5.4 billion towards recovery, and India and Pakistan cooperated in unprecedented ways in territory that the two nations had long held in dispute.

World Press Photo


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