Imagens que marcaram o mundo (3)

Edmond Terakopian, United Kingdom, Press Association.

A commuter, still clutching his morning newspaper, leaves Edgware Road Underground Station in London after a suicide bombing on July 7. The bomber blew himself up on a train at the station, killing seven passengers. This was one of four coordinated attacks on the transport system during the morning rush hour. Three bombs exploded within 50 seconds of each other on London Underground trains, and a fourth blast occurred on a bus less than an hour later. The explosions resulted in some 700 injuries and 56 deaths, including those of the four bombers. Surveillance video footage showed that the four men had been working together, but the motivation for the bombings was at first unclear. By October investigators were still uncertain as to the background to the plot, though some believed the attacks had been planned by Islamist paramilitary organizations based in the United Kingdom. Later, intelligence services claimed links between the bombers and al-Qaeda.

World Press Photo

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