Imagens que marcaram o mundo (2)

Chris Hondros, USA, Getty Images.

Samar Hassan cries seconds after US troops shot and killed her parents in an incident in Tal Afar in northern Iraq in January. Soldiers opened fire after the car driven by Samar’s father failed to stop as it approached their dusk patrol. A US military statement said troops trying to halt the car used hand signals and fired warning shots before firing directly at the car, killing the driver and front-seat passenger.
The town had only days before been the scene of a gun battle between US forces and local insurgents. As a defense against car bombs in many cities in Iraq, it had become standard practice for foot patrols to stop oncoming vehicles, particularly after dark. Five of Samar’s siblings were in the car with her. All six survived, although her brother Racan was seriously wounded. US soldiers gave the children first aid before taking them to a nearby hospital.
World Press Photo


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